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I LOVE what I do and the community that surrounds me as I become the best version on myself.  Become a client, or join the team to become your own boss.  I will show you what I have learned step by step to lose weight after each of my babies WHILE starting my cake business at the same.  Health goals, fitness goals, or finacial goals, bad track record…no problem I have the solution you just need the determination and a servants heart.  Of course I am the FIT Cake Boss so I will sever you with you perfect cake and even teach you how to make your own if that is what you are here for.  ~ Let’s Make i†


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I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to do this challenge. I have now begun thinking of how to start meal planning so we eat better and it takes some of the cooking off my husband (he’s usually the one that cooks).



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MADE MY DAY! Thank you, Lindsay Perry Ali for my beautiful bracelet and your sweet note of encouragement. I LOVE The 21 Day Fix and have restarted my workout program after my Trip! It was much easier to jump back in this time–so I KNOW it is working! LOVE my bracelet as it sums up this particular year of my life — “She Believed She Could So SHE DID!” ‪#‎feelingempowered‬ ‪#‎feelingstrong‬


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I am thankful for you, you inspires me to do more! You is constantly researching and learning and above all sharing her newly found knowledge! Thank you for being so giving and for being such a good friend and mentor. This journey of mine is all the better for having you with me!  Thank you Lindsay for your friendship and constant support. I will be forever grateful to Beachbody for bringing you into my life.


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Fav Video Apps

Tweet Fav Video Apps How do you make a scroll stoping video in the newsfeed so YOUR it stands out and stop to check out what you have to say? Here are a few of my favorite apps currently that I use to make my videos. Does it take a min to get a vidoe edited? Sure, but...
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Lindsay and Mindy

My Interview with Mindy Lawhorne

Tweet   My Interview with Mindy Lawhorne I had the honor of attending the Team Fit Life Diamond Reward Weekend with Lee and Mindy Lawhorne. We we were pampered, loved on, filled with knowledge from the best of the best and most importantly prayed for over and...
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New Recipe!

Tweet MEXICAN ZUCCHINI BURRITO BOATS I hate the questions….”What’s for dinner?”  It seems like I am cooking the same things over and over again.  Nothing is ever new….so in my attempts to finding new and fun foods to cook for me and my...
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AVOCADO Dressing!

Tweet Avocado Dressing I hated avocados when I was a child.  Well….anything green right?!  I don’t remember ever really getting healthy food so much growing up.  We got to eat want we wanted and I didn’t have direction as a young adult in nutrition,...
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Brownies Brownies Brownies!!!

Tweet Double Chocolate No-Bake Vegan Brownies   Seriously!!!!!  What’s your favorite dessert?  Brownies are on the top of the list for me!  I have to admit it’s hard to beat a nice yummy brownie like from my childhood…but being an adult comes...
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Modified Jacks

Tweet I have HORRIBLE knees!  I can’t do a lot of things.  Of course with each pound I take off it’s 5 pounds of pressure I get off.  I can definitely tell a difference! So I hear a lot how some people can’t do this or that because of injury and...
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Transformations (2)

Transformation Tuesday – Kim

Tweet 21 Day Fix EXTREME Results: Kim Lost 9.6 Pounds in 26 Days! I LOVE looking and sharing transformations!  Why?  Because they should motive and inspire us to pick up our game or to keep pushing towards our goals.  They should never discourage us and if it does I...
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Healthy grilled sweet potato nachos

Tweet In an attempt to find more recipes to add to our round up for the family I am search the web for yummy ones to try.  Are you a picky eater?  I totally am!  So, I am sure the ones I find and share will work with most of the population reading this lol.   So...
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Salmon Poke with Macadamia Nuts

Tweet Salmon Poke with Macadamia Nuts Are you a fish person?  I know I should be more of one but I just never have.  This does look really good and I am going to have to make myself try it.  Until I do and report back I would love to here if you try and it and how it...
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Recipe Round Up – BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Tweet BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza     Do you love pizza???  I do….however I do have to admit that I can get tired of it quickly!  I really want it when I am trying to be strict and reach goals, of course haha!   Anyway, ran across this this beauty...
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