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I am a Christian wife and mother of 3 beautiful blessings.  I love to decorate cakes and give an awesome center piece to birthday parties, weddings and showers.  I grew up playing volleyball and continued that love through college.  Five years after college I started gaining weight and then got married and pregnant immediately.  It took me several years to come to terms with what actions I was going to have to take to get myself back, after my first pregnancy where I had gained 80 pounds.   It took me a long time to get in the mindset of needing to do something and work hard get myself back again.  But I started the journey and had family support.

Not far into my journey I found a video called Insanity and started doing it.  I knew nothing of the whole world of Team Beachbody and how it would stand to impact my life in a bigger way I could have ever imagined.And I got there and have now inspired to give back.  Give hope to others that they can change their health and fitness!   My love for this has continued to grow as I help more and more people.  I love being able to meet and help people online through challenge groups.  I was held accountable and saw success by being in one and now I hold my own, and it’s a blast!

I could not afford Shakeology at the beginning so I became a coach and still took forever to order it.  But, when I did I was hooked and needed to find a way to stay on it.  I thought I would give coaching  a try for the discount.  I was able to continue on it…yay!  Once running my own challenge groups I quickly realized that THIS is what I needed to do to stay accountable to my health and fitness.  Leading others is fun, inspiring and holds me closer to the path than if I was not a coach…I can not afford NOT to be a coach now!

I know have had hope after two more pregnancies that I can and WILL lose my baby weight and see my goals meet physically.  Now I am confident in this process and I get to encourage and lead others as they start or continue on their path to better health and fitness through my challenge groups and online bootcamps.  I am a coach and I love it!

I get to work from home and still be with my family.  When I have to do “work”  I head to the office and when I am done I walk on out.  I am only gone for the amount of time it takes to complete my tasks and and I am still close to my family.  I hope to create an impact to others who follow me to strive for better and have hope that they have the power to change their situation in there health and their finances. I am excited to be doing what I am doing and proud that my children are seeing me work hard to be better and healthier for them!





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My name is Lindsay Ali and I am a cake decorator that found passion in health and fitness and became a coach. I want to decorate cake but don't want to look like I eat them. Sharing my experience, journey and tools I use to help me with my journey in hopes it will help you too.

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