Be Your Own Boss

Would you like to make money working out and sharing your journey working from home?  I am looking for you if you…

  • Want your supplements free?
  • Want to earn a little cash?
  • Want to inspire others to come with you while you get healthy and fit?
  • Want to stay home with the kids?
  • Want to earn a part time or full time income?
  • Love helping others?
  • Team player?
  • Go getter!
  • One that does not give up easy!

Training is available …you will not do this alone!  You will have access to all of my trainings and systems for free when joining my team to help you be successful.  AND, you will have access to my uplines trainings where you will have even more knowledge on how to set yourself up for success.

build To BOSS

Just start…perfect as you go.







build To BOSS


Overwhelmed with starting your own business?  See what you NEED and WANT and think you have to wait till the money starts rolling in to get those things, look professional and automate things.  Stuck from moving forward because you just don’t know what to do?

I was in the same boat!

I saw all the flashy stuff the top dogs and big players had and wanted that for myself.  But I was not making enough money to hire and outsource everything… now way!  So I have to wait for the money to pour into get that stuff and look more professional?  So I have to invest a bunch of money outsourcing?


Listen I was STUUUCK at this point with a brain block that would not let me move forward.  I did not want to go into debt to outsource and I was tapped out with my business fee budget.

What do you do?  Give up?  Tell yourself it was fun while the thought lasted that you could start your own business?

NO NO!   I set out on a mission to figure stuff out!

How can I get a landing page, email marketing, automation, graphics, a blog without going into major debt or adding business fees that would take my bank account in the red?   I FIGURED IT OUT!

When you figure things out and they benefit you, you want to share right?


Hey, last weekend I saw the BEST movie!  It was (movie title) and you should definitely go see it before it’s out of the theater!


Hey, I have been using the most AWESOME makeup and lashes….EVAAAAAA!  You need to have this in your life!


See what I did there…weeeeellllllll…that is why I put this course together!

I went out on a mission and figured stuff out and now I put it together so YOU can have a shorter journey to getting those things for you business and not even experience the frustration of being STUUUUUCK!

Let’s do this!

Blog Fog Fix




build To BOSS

Need/want to start a blog or website?

I did too and I did not want to pay a fortune getting someone else to do it.  Now IF I had the means to do it I totally would because it saves a bunch of time and headache and I am sure there is more knowledge on that person’s part..but…I like that kind of thing and money was tiiiiiiiiiight.  So…I set out the do it myself.

Now, my website has gone through many many looks and changes as I tried to learn different things and what I should and should not do.

If you are stuck here and need a little clarity in the fog of what and how do I even start doing this…I get you and I got you!

I was there too and that is why I figured it out on my own.  Now, again in hind site, I didn’t look for a resource such as this the way I did it was so difficult, time-consuming and just plain stunk.

But, this is why I wanted to create something that would help those of you out there like me and make it affordable for you to do it yourself.

My goal here is to just get you to the point where you have some kind of structure and can create some blog posts and start presenting yourself as if you are a professional and you are in business.  Give you a place to send your future and current clients.

This does not go into SEO and ranking on Google.  This is solely just to help you get set up and have a structure to present yourself as an expert that you are or want to be.

I Made That!






Pinterest…holy cow!  It can make you feel like you are doing an inadequate job when it comes to parenting, parties, gathers, and life in general.

Don’t get me wrong you can get some WONDERFUL ideas for your event, birthday or gathering you are planning for which is awesome.

When it comes to a cake for your event you see all these wonderfully cute ideas that you would love to have.  So you start talking to bakeries and local home bakers to see how much it costs to get one as part of your wonderful decorations.

Then you hear the price…. and you scoff…”OMG, I can get a cake at Kroger or Target for $20.”  you say.

Well true you can but that is not as fresh, custom made to order to fit the Pinterest idea you have in your head.  I won’t get into that comparison right now or we will be here all day.

So….what do you do?  Go with the $20 cake?  Sure, you totally can and that is absolutely ok!

But, if you really want to create a cake like you had in your head but don’t want to pay the cost of a custom cake, there is another option.

This is what I did…I learned to do it myself.

Yes, it takes patience and practice and you will get frustrated and suck at first but…you will learn to get better and acquire the tips, tricks, and techniques to be able to do it yourself.

So, if you are willing this course is for you.

I have taught classes in my home and that is so fun.

But, today’s world is so busy and only those local can come soooo….I thought I would conform the today’s habits and create a course that can reach everyone that is interested no matter location.

Build Your Own Blog

Ultimate Branding BluePrint

Ultimate Branding BluePrint

Get a Blog like mine!

Need help setting up your own blog but don’t know where to to start or what to do?

This would be an AWESOME course to take that walks you through what to do, where to do and how to do it!

I didn’t have this when I first set up my website, but I would totally jump in today if I need to set one up from scratch and had no idea where to start.

Get Beautiful Themes

Create Easy Beautiful Themes

Gain an instant professional edge and compete with the big guys.

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Treat your Business…like a Business! 


Treat your a Business

Gain an instant professional edge and compete with the big guys.

No matter how small your business.

Automatically send branded & customized confirmations, reminders & follow-ups—via email or text message—and even accept payment and tips via Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree & with the click of a button. After all, you’re sophisticated like that nowadays.

Before starting to use this platform I was a mess and in need of organization.  THEN, when I started utilizing it to the fullest I felt so much more put together and professional!  Try it out!


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Have a home for your list!


Build your List

They say you have no business until you have a list…

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