I Made That!  Cake Class


Learn to make it yourself!

You can do this yourself!  Once you learn the methods on how to do it all you have to do is practice it and you can create a beautiful cake that your family and friends will love and be so impressed with.

Would you like to say, “I made that!”  at a party you are hosting when someone asks you where you got that cake?  Well now you can!

I wanted to provide my kids with awesome birthday cakes.  So, I started experimenting and seeing what I could do.  I did a few free cakes and then people started asking how much I would charge to do a cake for them.  Well, that started my cake business right there.  I started teaching myself different techniques and took a few classes.


Over the years people have asked me to let them come and help when I do a cake.  The thing about that is I usually do my work in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping because I have less distractions and can get it done without stopping.  That’s when I first started thinking about creating plan to host little classes in my home.  So here we are!  I have created the classes now I am offering you to come and get hands on practice with others who are interested in learning how to do their own cakes.  Below are the details of the class.  Please know I am going to try and fill you with a lot of knowledge and give you the tools to take home and practice what you have learned.

I am super excited and can not wait for class to start!  OH….and you do go home with a gift from me :o)


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Baking Techniques, Icing Techniques Several Border Options How to use different Tips, how to create the selected design on a cake AND MUCH MORE!
Your Baked 8″ or 9″ round cakes, crisco, powdered sugar, hand mixer. (amounts are determined on what cake is being taught)
Spatual, Tips to use at home, cake board, cake box and an awesome decorated cake by you!
How to make royal icing.  How to create borders for design.  How to complete the design
6 round sugar cookies, 3 square cookies, 1 bag of powdered sugar, large mixing bowl & a large box to carry cookies home 
Awesome cookies decorated by you and a gift from me. 

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