It’s an awesome opportunity!  Find out if it’s a good fit for you.


Who is this for?


+Those looking to be on a journey or already are on the journey to better health and physical transformation 
+Those with a heart of a servant.


+Fitness enthusiast who wants to make fitness a career.  No, you don’t have to be a personal trainer+Those who have been successful in fitness and are often asked for health or diet advice


+Instructors/trainers that want to expand their reach, help more people and get paid more for doing what they are already doing. 


+Those who are looking to earn money from home either with a part-time or full-time income.


+Those already in the best shape of their lives and love the idea of helping others reach their goals. 


+Those who like the idea of adding products to their health journey that are excellent quality and will help progress their health and fitness goals as well as lay a strong foundation of health for their immune system, perform better when working out plus more.


Looking for more?

I never thought of owning my own business.  That seemed like something so out of my reach…and what would I do?  Fitness was apart of my life, well most of my life.  But after kids I lost my way.  I gained 80lbs with my first and then another 50 and 50lbs.  Working out was in my distant past.  Until I found fitness programs that got me back into the swing of things and got me excited, more confident and feeling good about myself again.

When presented with the opportunity to coach, I LITERALLY rolled my eyes at the presentation.  At that time I was with another company that was going nowhere.  I had tried a different company in college that never worked out.  So, no hearing a presentation on yet another company that was so wonderful to these people. As you can see, I did stay and listen and over time found out it was for me and I do love it.

I had always been reserved and shy but was able to take a few steps into the entrepreneurs’ world with those other companies but never found my passion until now.  I was even MORE reserved and shy and not confident in myself because of my weight and thought I could never work in fitness.  I mean, who would take me seriously???  I had been in two other companies and hello not a fitness model for sure!

I wanted a job I could love and that would love me.  One that would build me up and also allow me to stay home to raise my kids while still helping the household out financially.

I just feel it’s my obligation to make you aware how life changing this business can be.  I have seen it in others and in myself as well!

I was highly skeptical too.. so were a bunch of people around me (remember…this would be my third business).  But people say things out of previous experiences that have no relevance to this unique business and your unique self.

Deciding to become a Coach and start the Sweet Girl Grit Squad has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s changed my life for the better and my family’s life for the better. I love my Sweet Girl Grit Squad like family!

There’s no need for sales pressure, fitness/nutrition expertise, or experience of any kind. My coaches are just people (usually women and moms) who like fitness and love to help others while they’re on their own fitness journey.

Everything else you would need, I provide in my trainings you watch/hear at your convenience.

So, do these three things…

1. Watch the video (video coming soon!)
2. Fill out the form so I can send you more information about becoming a coach.
3. Get ready to see a change in your life!