We did not always go to church when I was going up.  We start going on and off before I was a teenager.   Around the time I became a tween we started going consistently.  What were my thoughts…honestly I was frustrated that one of my “sleep in” days were being taken away from me.  I did not want to be woken up to go, I would rather sleep in and I did not see a need to go although I did believe in God.  I did not understand!  I was in between ages as far as the youth goes.  Others my age were in confirmation classes and I was not.  So I went to the adult confirmation classes with my parents.  I did not really connect with anyone while going to the church at this age.  But, God was working!  It started to become the norm.  We did miss some weekends because I played competitive volleyball and unfortunately that did take us away from Sunday mornings, but when we were in town it was the norm for us to go.  It became ingrained that it was just not an option to miss.  I became the one people watched their actions and their mouths around, and should they cuss they would turn to me with apologies.  Who I was and how I acted was known and I think because of that I was not exposed to those “bad” things that a teenager could come across.  I do think God for that!

After graduating from high school, I went on to Dallas Baptist University where I played volleyball on scholarship.  I had a desire to learn what I could about the bible and so I starting taking as many classes as I could.  I did not even realize that I was on track for a minor in Biblical Studies….wow!  I am by no means a expert or know a lot, in fact I feel like I don’t know much at all and wish I could be, do or remember parables or verse more.  I try my best.

I have always struggled with a daily devotion.  Yes, I pray daily.  I pray all throughout the day, but that is not all we are meant to do!  We have a greater purpose!  When I am not in a Bible study I sit my Bible to the side and at times don’t even know where it is…can you relate?  We are human and we all falter in this way, but we must strive to schedule our days around HIM so that everything else will fall into place the way HE would want, according to HIS plan and not our own.  I have been reading a goal setting book and with that I had written down several goals for many different areas of my life, growth in my faith being one of them.  So, I have a story :O)

I had been told about BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) several months before I started reading this goal setting book.  A week after I write those goals I get a call the night before the study is to start reminding me that is was the next day.  Now, let me back up a bit.  I was setting these goals and trying to manage my days, schedule engaging time with the kids, house work so the house is put together and clean when my husband came home from work, personal development for my new home based business, this website, errands, getting a verse or chapter read out of the Bible when I could (God did meet me there for sure!)….you get the point, I was OVERWHELMED!  Now back to the call.  I was being asked again to go to BSF.  Immediately in my head I am thinking of excuses and how I do not have enough time, I had just mapped out all my time the week before on when I could work my business and take care of everything else.  I did not have the time to add this study to my schedule.  There would not only be study time but all drive time to the study, time there in groups and lecture, and then drive time back.  I just plainly did not see how I was going to fit that in too.  There was not way!

Well, I looked at my blocked time schedule I had made and realized that it was really not interfering with much and I was already trying to give time to the Lord daily.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…One of my goals was to become closer to the God.  Why was I allowing the devil to come in and use those excuses?  Not to mention the children’s program is said to be amazing and why would I not want my children to learn from a earlier, better level than I did?  So I decided I would “try” to go.  Oh, because another HUGE thing I was putting in my schedule and having a hard time with was working out, getting this baby weight I still had on me from my second child.  It was a struggle become I have a snuggle bug, my four year old did great cheering me on or working out with me :O)))

So, yes I was going to “try” to go.  Knowing I really was hearing God say “GO”.  The next morning I get up early to get my workout in before I “try” to go.  It was a fight from the beginning!  The devil was determined to stop me…but he did not!!!  My workouts are sometimes stressful because the kids are around but I make them happen, I Make It Fit :O)  So I am getting this in no matter what, I must in the morning or I will never do it the rest of the day.  I finish is barely enough time to get ready and go and then my 4 year old does not like the shoes I picked out, yes a girl.  Really?  I this is not happening.  So I continue to get ready, walking around a screaming messy of a fit on the living room floor and I get ready.  I won’t go into the details of the how, but we did get the details of the shoes workout out and we ate breakfast in the car.  We got there and we were late but we were there!

A quick run down of our second week the devil was trying to place in our path to fail, no he did not win!  Another four year old fit (we are working on this almost daily), no gas, stop for gas, no card or money, run home hoping to make it back, find money, get to gas station on fumes, get to BSF LATE!  I did not know if we could still get in but we were going to try!  Yes, we were able to and it work out just fine.

I guess I went into all this to say that we must put him first in our day, give him the first of our days and not the leftovers.  He is the one who hold everything together and without that we feel lost, I know I do, we don’t see decisions clearly and we don’t know what path He wants us on.  When we put Him first we have a burning desire to know Him more, we can’t get enough!   We want to go to church, not because we think we have to, but to be fed by the word and be in fellowship with other Christians to strengthen our faith.  Going to church should not be about just how WE feel, but glorifying Him.  I don’t ever want to miss, my week is off when I do even if I know all the dirt that is going on in the church congregation…it is NOT about that it is about giving to God!

When we have our goals in front of us and we know what we want out of life and what path God wants us on then we have a clearer outlook on what we are suppose to do.  I am so glad God gave me those little hits in my day to realize the importance of getting back into a study and growing my faith.

My story, and future stories, blogs and posts will not be perfect in fact I am horrible at typos and grammar!  But, I just want to share my story in hopes that ou someone will be inspired by something.  I hope I have inspired you to pick up your cross and “dig deeper”, as Shaun T would say (Insanity), into your relationship with God.  Not just to pray to Him but to study and know Him!  To fellowship with other Christians to take that next step.  Weather that is believing in Jesus, joining a church, getting in a study, praying or whatever it may be!  I think all of the above are goals of mine…I need work guys :O)


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