Evil Blinds Us

Tweet Evil Blinds Us    SUBTITLES.O.S. LORD {Save Our Soul Lord}   Ever wonder what it’s like to be blind? Maybe you tried a dark room….Today I want to chat about how we are all blinded at some point and we gotta fight. My name is Lindsay Ali w/... read more

How to Lower the Cost of Your Online Business Fees

Tweet Business Fees Can Add Up  Are you overwhelmed with the fees adding up in your business? I was! This will share with you how I was able to low my costs for some fees in my online business and hopefully give you some ideas to do the same. Starting a business is... read more

Part 2 – “Everything in Moderation” Pros & Cons

Tweet Everything in Moderation Part 2 This will share will a pro on that thought of “Everything in Moderation”. Last week was our first pro on this topic and here is the second pro.   Is it healthy?   Should we think this way? Is it healthy?   Should we... read more

Mini Meal Prep

Tweet Mini Meal Prep  Join me….yep it can be done mid week! In this episode, I am sharing a mini meal prep.  If you skip on your weekend meal prep, don’t wait until Monday bc it will never come.  Just in the kitchen and get a little prep in so the rest of your... read more

So Many Options…How do we choose?

Tweet So Many Options  Which program do you choose to get healthy? You want to get healthier, lose weight and make some changes….but there are so many options it gets overwhelming. Here I share some tips on what to look for when we are trying to choose a plan, program... read more

The Girl in the Mirror

Tweet That Girl in the Mirror  Who is she?     Momma’s don’t lose hope….we can get our pre pregnancy bodies back.  There is hope many have gone before us doing just that. After my first baby I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror for... read more

Everything In Moderation – Part 1 Pros and Cons

Tweet Everything In Moderation  Pros & Cons Part 1 It’s a common phrase and is passed around a lot.  Have you said it?  Thought it?  Acted upon it? I totally have and I owe that…but it could also mean owning the cons that come along with this phrase.... read more

Why Non-Scale Victories

Tweet WHY  NON-SCALE VICTORIES THE SCALE IS A LIAR! No seriously, why do we as women focus on the scale so much?   I find myself sucked into the number world weighing every single day. And, every single day I am obsessed with the number. When I find myself in the... read more

Wedding Cake Thoughts

Tweet Wedding Cake Thoughts Wedding Cakes I have done a few wedding cakes and I do love the outcome and providing a bride with her dream cake.  But man is it stressful.  My shoulders hold all the weight until that cake is placed on the cake table at the venue. Tips on... read more

Why do we fail? And, what can we do about it?

Tweet Why do we fail?  And what do we do about it? Have you ever failed at something?  BOY have I ever! I am actually in a season of failing a lot.  Sometimes I hate it and other times I try to embrace it.  Growing up I did not think about that road to success I was... read more

Momma, It’s OK to say No.

Tweet   MOMMA… It is ok to say NO! No… I am not talking about saying no to the kids.  We all know a momma is comfortable doing that.  Shoot we do it 15 billion times a day anyway. I am talking about saying to activities, volunteering and going going... read more

I know ~ signed God

Tweet I KNOW  signed God   In church Sunday there was a phrase that was shared and I knew that I just had to share it here because it gave me such hope and comfort. “I know.”  “He Knows.” This phrase is packed full of hope as he knows our struggles, heartaches,... read more

I could NEVER commit to a home workout!

Tweet  No way I am committed enough…  I can NOT workout from home…hold on….just wait! I totally understand where everyone comes from with this statement.  I really do! Working out anywhere to get desired results takes dedication and commitment for a... read more

The Coconut Oil Scandal

Tweet We should…no don’t…yes it’s good for you…oh wait it’s not! I read an article Facebook today and because it came from Facebook I KNOW it is the truth!  So I immediately shared it on my social media sites without even another... read more

Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs

Tweet Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs LOVE making meatballs as they are a quick and easy meal to get out to the family! Found this recipe and thought I would share! Throw all the ingredients for these turkey meatballs into a crock pot in the morning, set the timer, and... read more

Self-Sabotaging Your Weight Loss – Part One

Tweet Self-Sabotaging   Are you self-sabotaging your weight loss? Have you ever said, “I will start on Monday” or “I will start tomorrow.” I know I have said that and I have said it a lot. And, I know that you have too if you have ever worked on losing weight, hitting... read more

Fav Video Apps

Tweet Fav Video Apps How do you make a scroll stoping video in the newsfeed so YOUR it stands out and stop to check out what you have to say? Here are a few of my favorite apps currently that I use to make my videos. Does it take a min to get a vidoe edited? Sure, but... read more

My Interview with Mindy Lawhorne

Tweet   My Interview with Mindy Lawhorne I had the honor of attending the Team Fit Life Diamond Reward Weekend with Lee and Mindy Lawhorne. We we were pampered, loved on, filled with knowledge from the best of the best and most importantly prayed for over and... read more
My name is Lindsay Ali and I am a cake decorator that found passion in health and fitness and became a coach. I want to decorate cake but don't want to look like I eat them. Sharing my experience, journey and tools I use to help me with my journey in hopes it will help you too.

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