I have now began my transformation again after my third pregnancy and I am still in the process…a process that really should never stop.  It’s a life long journey!   Here it is from the beginning!


I grew up an athlete playing volleyball since I was in the 7th grade. I received a scholarship to play at the college level and did so for 4 years!

I never had to worry about weight, how to get it off or keep it off.  Just because I did not have to worry about this does not mean I was healthy!  I ate whatever I wanted and formed bad habits.  I knew whatever I ate I would work off in practice later.

Well, now fast forward many years and I still struggle with those eating habits WITHOUT the practices and youth on my side!

After my first pregnancy I found myself in a whole new world.  Shocked at my new body, naive at how much would fall of by itself (if any at all), in denial that I had to change my habits and not just complain or crack jokes about my situation.

People around me did not want to hear that.  No body wants to hear someone complain and then not change ANYTHING to help themselves into the situation that they alone got themselves into.  So here is from the beginning, beginning of no more complaining and applying actions.


Here is where I found myself to be…well, not myself I had always known.

This was with some friends before my first was even a year old, maybe around 8months I’m not sure.  These are really hard to see and put up so be kind :O)


I started my transformation after my first pregnancy and lost the 80 pounds that I gained!

I was in shock that I had gained that much weight.  I was on bed rest for the last month of my pregnancy and did have A LOT of swelling!

So yes, I had a lot of water weight but I gained fat too.  I get VERY sick when I am pregnant and want to eat anything that will taste good coming back up as well, I know that gross…but it’s the truth!

I did lose my 80 lbs but still has about 30-40 more pounds that I would have liked to get off.

I did this with joining the gym and getting back into the mood of working out, but working out in a completely different way than I ever had before.

I started working on my nutrition and starting losing weight.  Then I found Insanity through some friends and ordered it and started doing the program.

With all these combined efforts I was seeing awesome results!

To the side here is a picture my daughter snapped right before I got pregnant for the second time.


Then the time came…we decided, my husband and I, that it was time for another baby. I was not at my goal weight yet, but that was ok we were ready to add to our family.   Yaaaa!

To the side here is at the end of my second pregnancy.  As it began I realized and was aware that I needed to be careful this time.

I was trying to eat better but really I was SO sick again and it was very hard to stay on track.  I did not exercise at all…bad I know!  I did throw up a lot longer and so I feel that was God helping me to keep my weight down…lol!

Making jokes about that but I really have no idea, I did not gain as much though so you never know!

As my second pregnancy ended I had gain about 56 lbs, less than the first but still not what is recommended your normal weight gain during pregnancy.


At my post op appointment, I had a c-section again, I was down 5 lbs…wait just a min!

5 pounds…my baby was well over 8lbs!

What about the amniotic fluid and the placenta weight!

Had I already started to gain?  That is my only assumption.

Here I am after 2 months after the birth of my second.


I had already decided when I got the go ahead to start working out that I was going to get serious.  So I did just that!  I started Insanity, thought I was going to be joining my husband in a journey through P90X however his job took him out of town so we were unable to do that together so I stopped P90X and did the Ultimate Reset.  I lost 19 lbs in 21 days and felt great!  Then, I returned to my old bad habits.  I am not going to be one of those overnight success stories you see because I struggle with food and having will power to make the right choice more often than not.  I am working on that and will continue, it just means until I get better at that my results will come slower.

I began Insanity over again and went through the entire program using Shakeology as well!  Start to finish with this process I lost 38.5 lbs.  Not baby weight that was just going to fall off…now way!  This was my blood sweat and tears I put into getting these results!  With this formula PROGRAM + NUTRITION + SUPPORT = SUCCESS  I had found success!  Now to improve on it and repeat!

Moving on, I have completed 2 months of P90X and had realized it is not my soulmate workout.  I am not jumping out of bed to do it and I want to be super excited about the program I am doing so I will be more successful!  So I have decided to finish out my lift days with P90X and start Turbo Fire on the other days.  On my lift days I will be doubling up so I stick to the Turbo Fire program as well.  I hope get my food under better control….but, I think this makes me human and others can relate because I KNOW I am not alone on this!

Here is the before and after photo I have for that period of time.


Below is my workout buddy.  She would workout with me or cheer momma on :O)

Today she will start a video on her own occasionally.  Insanity is her favorite.  (She is 8)  I am so glad I am leaving a legacy like this to my kids.

They see momma working hard to earn her health and do it the right way!


Working out became part of my routine.

Yes, I know ketchup should not go with my diet plan and believe me when I say I do not have as much as I use to…but I still LOVE it!  Just ask anyone I know :O)


I am trying to be a good role model for my kids!  She loves working out with me and Insanity is here favorite, she has informed me of this many times…lol!

Now my son is old enough and he joins in with me as soon as he hears the music from the videos….it’s SO stinkin cute!  My little one (the third).  Just climbs on me whenever I get on the floor.  He thinks it’s funny and it is pretty cute.  I will have to update with pics and video to share here.



Now here after my third csection and a gain of 56lbs from my pregnancy.

I lost 30lbs by watching portion control the first 2 months post csection and then I stopped losing and start gaining.  From here on out I know I have to get serious. Not just about portion control but eating the right foods and starting my workouts.  Here I am 3 months post csection number 3.


Here I am working on getting my food under control so when I start a program I can see great results.  It has been hard to start this time around because I started too soon and knew I had to wait because my body was not ready.

 After every child a pull my lower back….it’s a thing I do…lol.  Anyway, starting slow and trying to get Insanity in my schedule.  It’s very hard in the early stages of baby because we don’t have a schedule yet.  I just need to enjoy this early baby stage and get what I can done.

I would LOVE to help you reach your goals and enjoy your journey as I go through mine.  I have been successful TWO times before and head to a third time….join me!


***UPDATE 8/17/15***I have been doing so good lately and working on myself since the baby turned one.  I am excited to say I am down 50lbs in total.

Would I like to be farther along….sure…but its part of my story and my struggle.  Most important thing is that I am doing it :O)  Below is my current “progress picture.”  Progress picture because I am NOT done!

Did you notice it’s the same shirt?



This page will be added to over and over again because my journey is not over and will last me a lifetime.  I hope this has inspired you to start your journey and know that it does not have to be the overnight success that you see…your journey is yours and you can set your own pace!

I have a far ways to go but I will get there and i will do it the right way….no surgery, no fad diets, no gimmicks…hard work on my diet, exercise and the support from family, friends and most of all my fitness friends!

I would love to hear about your journey, successes and struggles, so if you are reading this and would like to share…please do!  I am sure it will motivate and inspire me in some way!

*UPDATE*  1.8.17

I have consistent in my efforts to remain healthy however this year was not a year of physical transformation.  I have been at a standstill with my weight.  I have grown a lot with my knowledge and business which I am proud of.  I am currently in the beginning stages of the Ultimate Reset (if you want more info please email me at  I will post an update of my results of this program after my 21 days. (last time I lost 19lbs!)

My name is Lindsay Ali and I am a cake decorator that found passion in health and fitness and became a coach. I want to decorate cake but don't want to look like I eat them. Sharing my experience, journey and tools I use to help me with my journey in hopes it will help you too.

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