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 Taken from Boss Lady Lifestyle Academy.  Learn how to brand you and give your Facebook a facelift and give yourself more confidence in yourself.



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Attention Boss Ladies…

“Are You Ready To Kick up your online or network marketing business?”
Learn the basics of business, goal setting, how to push procrastination to the curb and how to present yourself as a professional even when you first get started and have no experience.  These are the things I learned the hard way and what I wish I knew and started working on from the beginning. 

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My Grit Project 

Attention Ladies…

“Are You Ready To Transform Your mind and finally get past the control food has one you?”
Learn goals setting strategies, overcome procrastination in your workouts, learn the lies we tell ourselves to make us eat outside our comfort zone and how to kick those to the curb with truths and scripture to sustain us to better health and enjoying the journey as we go.

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I Made That!







Pinterest…holy cow!  It can make you feel like you are doing an inadequate job when it comes to parenting, parties, gathers, and life in general.

Don’t get me wrong you can get some WONDERFUL ideas for your event, birthday or gathering you are planning for which is awesome.

When it comes to a cake for your event you see all these wonderfully cute ideas that you would love to have.  So you start talking to bakeries and local home bakers to see how much it costs to get one as part of your wonderful decorations.

Then you hear the price…. and you scoff…”OMG, I can get a cake at Kroger or Target for $20.”  you say.

Well true you can but that is not as fresh, custom made to order to fit the Pinterest idea you have in your head.  I won’t get into that comparison right now or we will be here all day.

So….what do you do?  Go with the $20 cake?  Sure, you totally can and that is absolutely ok!

But, if you really want to create a cake like you had in your head but don’t want to pay the cost of a custom cake, there is another option.

This is what I did…I learned to do it myself.

Yes, it takes patience and practice and you will get frustrated and suck at first but…you will learn to get better and acquire the tips, tricks, and techniques to be able to do it yourself.

So, if you are willing this course is for you.

I have taught classes in my home and that is so fun.

But, today’s world is so busy and only those local can come soooo….I thought I would conform the today’s habits and create a course that can reach everyone that is interested no matter location.